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Dev excitedly takes Amber shopping to choose an engagement ring for Tara. Eileen tells Jason she went to visit Colin but she won't be seeing him again. Julie receives a text from Paula which upsets her. Gary's disappointed when Jason tells him there's no more work for the time being. David shows Gary a bag full of gear and asks him if he wants to buy any of it. Mary parks her motorhome outside No.3 and tells Norris she's rented out her house and is free to set off on their trip whenever he's ready. Norris is clearly worried. Peter tells Ken he's already fed up of Blanche living with him. Tara's nervous as she and Justin prepare for the unveiling of the art installation. A crowd begins to gather. Dev secretly bribes the DJ to play some James Blunt when he proposes to Tara. Jason gets Eileen and Julie to meet for a drink hoping they'll iron out their differences but Julie's hurt and leaves telling Eileen they've nothing in common. As Tara prepares to unveil the artwork, Dev shocks her by asking her to marry him. In front of a stunned crowd Tara reveals a huge photo of Dev naked across which is written the word "liar". Dev is horrified.


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