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Blanche is disgusted with Ken and tells Deirdre to chuck him out. When Deirdre refuses Blanche packs her suitcase and tells them if Ken's staying then she's going instead. Paula calls to see Julie. They have a heart-to-heart and Paula apologises for not telling Julie who her real dad was for so many years. Ken thanks Deirdre for giving him another chance but Deirdre's emotionally exhausted and points out that maybe she's just as spineless as him. Eileen gives in and goes to visit Colin in hospital. She's upset to see him so frail. Colin's moved to tears, he's so grateful to see her. Tara gives Dev a final chance to come clean about Lisa but Dev's oblivious to Tara's fishing and swears he's been faithful. Tara resolves to get her revenge. David and Graeme discuss a fictitious burglary within Gary's earshot. Peter persuades Michelle to come round to his flat for dinner but they're interrupted when Blanche arrives and announces that she's moving in. Dev tells Amber how he plans to propose to Tara at her art installation event as a public declaration of his love for her. Amber thinks it's a great idea. Colin asks Eileen to forgive him for what he did all those years ago. Eileen's apologetic but tells him that she can't. Colin's sad as he watches her go.


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Notable dialogue

Kirk Sutherland: "Alright? Off on yer holidays?"
Blanche Hunt: "Yes... I'm going to hell in a handcart."
Kirk Sutherland: "That's different!"

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