Peter makes snide digs at Ken about his affair with Martha. Deirdre's oblivious. Jason visits Colin in hospital. Despite all that Colin's done, Jason feels sorry for him. Colin asks Jason to do his best to get Eileen to visit him. Molly wants to get more involved in the garage business. She tells Tyrone they should consider advertising and changing the name to Dobbs & Webster. Ken can no longer live with the guilt. He hands his "farewell letter" to Deirdre and insists she reads it. Deirdre's shocked. Ken tries to explain to Deirdre how he chose her over Martha because he loves her. Deirdre's bitter and asks him if he expects her to be grateful. Deirdre calls to see Eileen and tells her about Ken's affair. Eileen's sympathetic. David involves Graeme in his plan to wind Gary up to make him think David's a burglar. Jason tries to make Eileen see that Colin is just an ill and lonely old man and that it's time to forgive him for the terrible things he's done in the past, but Eileen remains stubborn and Jason gets upset. Blanche picks up the letter from Ken to Deirdre. She's horrified by its contents. Ken's desperate to talk things through but Deirdre's adamant there's nothing to discuss and they should put the whole sorry mess behind them.


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