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Ken lets himself into No.1 with trepidation, but there's nobody home. Ken realises the letter has gone from the dresser. Julie talks to Jason about her feelings towards Colin. Jason's sympathetic and invites her in. He shows Julie the family photo album. Deirdre and Blanche arrive home and to Ken's relief it's clear that Deirdre hasn't read Ken's letter. Julie's intrigued to hear about all the relations she never knew she had. Peter tells Ken that he rescued the letter before Deirdre saw it. Ken's grateful but Peter's scathing, telling Ken he should be ashamed at the way he's treated Deirdre. Darryl finishes with Amber as he's worried he's not good enough for her and she'll find someone else when she moves to London. Amber's upset. Eileen tells Julie she's not welcome at No.11 and as far as she's concerned Colin can rot in hell for all she cares. Julie leaves upset. Connie invites Jack to join her at bingo. Jack says he'd love to but suggests they keep it to themselves for now. Amber assures Darryl she loves him and doesn't look down on him. They make up. Julie cries alone at No.5 meanwhile, Eileen's hurt and angry at No.11. Both women are shocked at all the recent revelations. Deirdre suggests to Ken he could come and scrub her back in the bath. Ken secretly wonders if he made the right decision.


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