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The men told their wives that they were at No.11 for the music. Annie knows from her Scottish ancestry that the girls' kilts aren't regulation. The band settles up with Dennis before leaving town. Dennis stands firm when Joyce attempts to whittle down the bill. Minnie gives Jerry a book to take back to the library for her with a letter in it for Sally Frost, asking her to take pity on the lonely lad. Minnie and Albert write the letter together but argue about the wording. Minnie thinks it ought to be romantic and takes issue with Albert's comment that Jerry has a "sober disposition". The regulars send Jack up about the bagpipers. Dennis is relieved when the girls leave. Cicely enjoys hearing Ken's intelligent conversation and leaves him her business card. Sally reads the letter and gets to know Jerry as she helps him choose a book for Minnie. Jerry interests her with his passion for social economics. Dennis washes his bedding at No.9 in time for his new lodgers. Hilda worries about Irma when she finds the shop closed in the middle of the day. Dennis runs up the Barlows' bills with his laundry. Ken tells him to do his own washing in future. The "Pinelli Brothers" - real name, the Cooks - arrive at No.11 - Albert, Arthur and their mother. Minnie waits at the yard for Jerry to return as she's eager to hear how he got on. She's pleased when he arrives with a pile of books. David tells the Ogdens that Irma is two months pregnant.


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