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Rita's grateful when Norris turns up at The Kabin to help run things. He's concerned to see Rita's ring in the till. Julie decides to take the day off work. Blanche is frustrated when Ken refuses to gossip about the street's latest scandal. Ken tells Ted that he sees all his hopes and dreams come to life on Martha's barge. He can't turn his back on them. Blanche continues gossiping about Rita and Colin. Ken loses his temper and, his thoughts with Martha, exclaims there's life beyond the street. Mary arrives at The Kabin to finalise travel arrangements with Norris. Determined to help Rita, Norris tells Mary he'll meet her in the Rovers later. Ken visits Martha on the barge. Eileen tells Deirdre she regrets being so horrible to Paula. Colin took away Paula's childhood and now he's destroyed all memories of hers. Martha tells Ken they could've still been friends if he'd told her about Deirdre. Ken explains it would never have been enough for either of them. Martha admits returning in the hope that Ken would visit. She describes the pain of missing him as far worse than that caused by his lies. Julie tells Kirk she grew up believing her dad was a war hero and winner of countless medals. That image dead, Julie's left with Colin. For the first time, she understands why Paula's always resented her. Martha takes Ken's hand and leads him to the bedroom. He offers no resistance.


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