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Eileen thinks that Paula's lying but when Colin doesn't contradict her, Rita realises Paula's telling the truth. Colin wants to explain but Rita won't hear it and leaves. Outside the Rovers, Rita breaks down. When Amy reveals she's being bullied by a boy at school, Becky's determined to protect her. Colin makes for the door but Paula stops him. He explains he never knew Paula got pregnant and it's confession enough for Eileen. Blanche brings "The Thorn Birds" home to watch with Deirdre. Ken's annoyed as they've watched TV all evening. He proposes a weekend away for Deirdre and himself. Julie tells Paula she had a right to know her father. Eileen accuses Paula of destroying her family. Unable to take any more, Paula rushes out. Jason's relieved when Julie tells him nothing happened between them. They were both so drunk they fell asleep. Rita tells Colin she's disgusted that he took advantage of a child and never wants to see him again. She takes off her engagement ring and puts it in the till. Deirdre's interest in seeing Grease at the West End conflicts with Ken's idea of a weekend away. Colin returns to No.11 to tell them the engagement's off. Jason asks Colin to leave. Norris, Emily and Mary wait anxiously outside Rita's flat. Norris asks Rita (via the intercom) to flick her lights on and off so they know she's okay. Rita ignores both Norris and Emily, who calls from Mary's mobile. Julie sees Colin at the bus stop. She admits she always wanted a father but not like this. Fiz and Kirk take her back to No.5. Ken walks to Martha's barge and stares longingly. His nerve fails him and he heads home. Eileen thinks Paula only spent time with her to get closer to Colin. She tells Jason that Colin should hurry up and die.


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