The pipe band - Cicely, Joyce, Janice, Norma, Irene and Marion - practice during the day. The residents are shocked to hear bagpipe noises from No.11. Val stops Ken and David from going over to sort it out when she hears that they're all young women. Dennis has to cook for the band as he's offered them bed and board. Cicely falls for him but is put off when he moans about the racket. Hilda threatens to march on the Town Hall if the noise carries on. Annie realises that Lucille is now a woman after seeing her father buried. The women think it's criminal that Dennis can entertain six women while the menfolk are green with envy. Jerry returns from a Scottish holiday to hear his divorce is up in a couple of weeks. Minnie likes the pipers and hopes for a sing-song. The men perk up as the girls go on the prowl. Annie is furious when Cicely makes a play for Jack. Minnie and Albert decide to matchmake Len and Emily to bring some excitement into their lives. They quickly realise it won't work as Emily would never put up with Len's swearing or drinking. David calls at No.11 to see the girls, pretending that he's there on shop business. Albert hears Jerry's news and looks for a match for him instead. The pipers start up again while Dennis is away. Ken, Len and Stan go round to "complain". Minnie chats with librarian Sally Frost and decides that she'd be perfect for Jerry. Annie, Hilda and Val catch their husbands and Len being entertained by the girls.


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Minnie Caldwell: "Ever since Mrs Tanner's wedding, this street hasn't been swinging any more."

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