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Tony tells Luke that the mask will remind Maria of Liam's death. Tara tells Dev that she wants to preserve their relationship through photographs. Luke admits the mask stunt was intended for Tony. Knowing Tony hired a private investigator, Luke sacks him for gross misconduct. Norris discovers that Rita's left Colin alone in The Kabin and hurries out of Roy's Rolls without paying. Tony visits Maria to check she's alright. Maria admits she missed her scan and accepts Tony's offer to accompany her to the next. Tara asks Dev to pose naked. Tony meets with the PI to look over Luke's finances, intending to find something that will ruin him. Norris gives Colin, Rita and Mary a security briefing. He's flustered when Roy enters to receive payment for their cafe orders. Darryl's decision to sack Teresa subsides when she shows him the T-shirt she's bought him. Incensed, Minnie resigns instead.Natasha's frustrated when Tony doesn't turn up for their date. In the Rovers, Jack and Connie discuss Vera and take a moment to acknowledge their losses. Becky warns Steve that lying to Amy will do more harm than good. Once again, Lloyd's dragged into the debate. Tony apologises to Natasha for standing her up and takes her to the Rovers. Tara admires the photographs that Justin's taken of Dev. When it's Tara's turn to pose, Justin's conveniently called away. Dev remains oblivious. Tony threatens to stop all Underworld orders coming in from his textile retail business if Luke fires him. Luke knows his finances can't handle the loss.


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