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Luke tries on the Tony mask he's found. Maria cancels her hospital appointment, scared of finding something wrong with the baby. Luke deliberately looks shifty when Tony arrives at the factory. Tony sends the private investigator to track Luke's movements. Rita's annoyed when Norris takes his responsibilities at The Kabin too far. Tom heads to Maria's house for a business meeting. Tony reveals she's at the hospital and rubs in the fact he knew when Tom didn't. Pam's appointed mystery shopper of the kebab shop. Minnie's annoyed when Teresa arrives late to work. Teresa kicks up a fuss in the corner shop. Dev tells Molly he'll never allow his daughter to marry Teresa's son. In the guise of Tony, Luke throws eggs at the PI's car then disappears. The PI's cover is blown when a maskless Luke reappears and waves at him. Tony tells Maria he's secured a good deal for Lad Rags. Tom demands to know what's going on. Tony refuses to pay the PI for returning with nothing on Luke. The PI threatens to take legal action. Steve and Becky return from the Maldives. Poppy's worried when Tara starts planning a surprise for Dev. Maria goes to see Tony at the factory. Luke leaps out at her whilst wearing the mask. Maria's startled and runs outside. Realising his mistake, Luke chases after her. Out on the street, Tony reels to see Luke holding the mask - a stark reminder of his part in Liam's murder.


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