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Ken tries to convince Martha of his feelings for her. Gary denies stealing Bill's tools and is surprised when David provides a false alibi. Audrey learns that Ted knew about Ken and Martha's "affair". Martha feels violated by Ken's betrayal and is stunned when he declares his love. Gail's proud of David's "honesty". Gary remains sceptical despite David saying he wants to stop fighting. Deirdre tells Blanche about her argument with Ken and decides to cut him some slack. Ken tries to persuade Martha that she wants him as much as he wants her. Teresa tries to trick Minnie into giving her money from the till. Amber restrains Teresa whilst Minnie goes for Darryl. Martha's angered to discover that Deirdre still doesn't know about her relationship with Ken. Ken's shocked to see Audrey and Ted have witnessed everything. Martha cycles off. Maria's jealous when Natasha receives a bouquet from Tony, so agrees to a drink with Tom. Darryl's attempts to remove Teresa from the kebab shop result in smashed stock. Finally shut outside, Teresa hammers the door. Dev threatens to call the police if Teresa doesn't get a taxi and go home. She chooses the taxi. Ted's worried that Audrey will reveal the truth to Deirdre but Audrey keeps quiet. Tom shows his new designs to Maria but is hurt when she wants Tony to check them. The taxi returns with Teresa leaving Dev no choice but to let her stay in the shop flat. Audrey threatens to tell Deirdre everything if she sees Ken with Martha again.


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