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Deirdre's exasperated when Ken turns down a day with the family for "canal research". Anna's enthusiasm on her first day at the cafe startles Hayley. Ken denies he's still pursuing Martha when Ted catches him with chocolates. Audrey tells David that Joe is using Gail. David's happy for Joe to stick around if it increases his chances with Tina. Hayley's impressed when she overhears Anna confess to Gary how much she values the job. Ashley and Graeme decide to take Joshua to a football match. Claire is unsure. Deirdre can't reach Ken on his mobile. Peter suggests they take Simon (and Eccles) for a walk. Audrey hopes to make amends with Gail by offering David a job at the salon. They embrace as all is forgiven. Ken discovers Martha's barge gone. Eccles drags Deirdre, Peter and Simon to the canal where they discover Ken. Deirdre storms off when Ken explodes at her questioning. Bill's suspicious of Gary hanging around the builder's yard. Seeing this, David forms a revenge plan. Maria's irritated by Natasha's twittering about her relationship with Tony. Audrey's surprised to see Ken at the theatre. Ted realises that Ken's come for Martha. David steals Bill's tools - the first stage in his plan. A drunken Teresa embarrasses Darryl in the cafe. Hayley's grateful to Anna when she throws Teresa out before there's more damage. In the Rovers, David, Gail and Graeme celebrate David's job. David approaches Gary to form a truce but Gary won't accept. After the performance, Audrey sees Ken and Martha exchange a meaningful look. She understands everything. David's plan comes to a head when Bill accuses Gary of stealing his tools. Ken tells Martha that he can't live without her.


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