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Joe's laid up on the sofa and Gail enjoys fussing round him. Len tells Gary that he wants him to fit some kitchens whilst Joe's incapacitated. Anna's pleased that Gary's got a job. Norris gets Sophie to mop The Kabin floor as her penance for stealing all those years ago. Rita tells Sophie that she doesn't have to bother. Anna talks Roy into giving her a job in the cafe. Roy doesn't have a choice. Tina's shocked to find out Joe's done his back in. Joe admits to Tina he loves Gail and doesn't want to move out anyway. Tina's unimpressed. Gail asks Jason if he could do some kitchen fitting for Joe. Jason's only too pleased to have some more work. Peter brings Simon home from the hospital. He takes him round to No.1 to see Leanne the rabbit in the new hutch. Peter apologises to Michelle for their abortive date and asks her if she'll give him a second chance. Michelle's non-committal. Molly looks over the garage accounts and notices something interesting. Roy offers to give Chesney a lesson about the English Civil War. Mary suggests Peru to Norris but he's more in favour of the Lake District. David arrives home from Martin's. He's unimpressed to find Gail, Joe, Tina, Gary and Jason in cahoots.


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