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Joe packs his things into his van and tells Gail that he's moving out. Gail's disappointed. As Joe tries to lug a huge piece of hardboard into the van he slips and puts his back out. Deirdre gives Ken an anniversary card. She's disappointed that he's forgotten. The doctor tells Joe he's slipped a disc and will need complete rest for a couple of weeks. Gail's secretly pleased that Joe's in no fit state to leave. With her new-found religious beliefs, Sophie decides she's going to ask forgiveness for the terrible things she's done in the past. She admits to Rita she stole some sweets from The Kabin when she was little. Rita's forgiving but Norris less so. Peter takes Michelle out for dinner. They have a disastrous evening as all Peter can talk about is his drink problem. Ken asks Deirdre if she'd like to go out for their anniversary but Deirdre tells him it's too late and it's obvious he's not really interested. Sophie tells Sally how she's confessed to Rita. Sally's unimpressed that her daughter's going round telling people how she used to shoplift. Joe admits to Gail he's glad he's not moving out. Gail's glad they seem to be back on course.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Gail is secretly pleased when a back injury ends Joe's plans to move out of No 8; Sophie's religious conversion embarrasses Sally as the teenager confesses her past crimes; Peter and Michelle's date goes badly; and Ken is unable to hide the fact he has forgotten his and Deirdre's anniversary.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,790,000 viewers (9th place).
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