Ken goes back to the barge to try and speak to Martha but gets no answer. Reluctantly, he leaves feeling down-hearted. Chesney admits to Fiz he hates school because he's being bullied by Kenzie Judd. Fiz watches as Kenzie and his mates jump on Chesney. Fiz is furious and grabs Kenzie by the scruff of his neck. Mr Griffin calls them into his office. Mary takes Norris for a drink and tells him that her mother has died and that she's relieved that she's gone. Norris is taken aback. Fiz can't understand why Mr Griffin refuses to believe Kenzie is a bully until he admits that he's seeing Kenzie's mum. In a fit of rage Fiz announces that Chesney is leaving school and will be home-tutored from now on. Ken tells Ted how his relationship with Martha is over and how sad he feels. Ted assures him it's for the best. Kirk shocks Julie when he finishes with her. He explains how he's worked out that she doesn't love him any more. Graeme tells Ashley he's thinking of doing an NVQ in butchery. Graeme reckons Joshua could be a very talented footballer. He suggests to Claire and Ashley they enrol him for the Under 7's team. Peter arrives back from hospital. Ken hugs his son promising he'll support him. Fiz regrets her hasty decision and wonders how on earth she's going to educate Chesney at home. Julie packs her things and leaves whilst Kirk's inwardly very upset.


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