Peter and Deirdre have a full-scale row. When Deirdre threatens to call social services, Peter backs down and lets her take Simon back to No.1. Ken and Martha enjoy an intimate glass of wine on her boat. Ken's oblivious to the urgent messages Deirdre's left on his mobile. Tony, Maria, Natasha and Tom have a drink together. As Natasha flirts with Tony, Maria can't help getting annoyed. When Tony says he needs an early night, Natasha's disappointed. Dev gets Minnie to phone Tara masquerading as an art dealer. Minnie unwittingly finds herself agreeing to buy 3 pieces of art for £700. Dev's furious. Over dinner, Molly tells Sally how she'd like to be more involved in the garage business. Sally makes it clear she doesn't want her interfering. As Ken arrives home, Peter storms past him and into No.1. Peter grabs Simon and pointing out to Ken and Deirdre that they've both obviously been drinking whilst he's sober, he takes Simon home. Tony phones Natasha and invites her round. Natasha arrives in a sexy dress. She tells Tony how Maria's warned her to stay away from him. Tony wonders why. Deirdre angrily tells Ken that Peter's an alcoholic and she's worried sick about Simon. She accuses Ken of ignoring his family of late and tells him to sort it out.


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