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Natasha's all loved-up after a night of passion whilst it's obvious Tony can't wait to get rid of her. Chesney hides a letter from the school addressed to Fiz, but Fiz is distracted anyway by a letter from John Stape although she feigns disinterest. Natasha boasts to Maria about her night with Tony. Maria's secretly put out. Pam needs to shift some dodgy ham so she starts flogging "gourmet" sandwiches. Peter palms Simon off on to Deirdre so he can spend the afternoon getting drunk. Kirk sees Tom with flowers for Maria and tells him that the last thing Maria needs right now is a bloke. Regretfully, Tom agrees. Dev's fed up that Tara's so wrapped up in her gallery she's hardly got time for him. Ken spends the afternoon with Martha. She asks him to join her at the theatre the following evening and stay the night. Ken makes a pathetic excuse as to why he can't and Martha's upset. Ken leaves feeling terrible. Natasha tries to pin Tony down for another date but he's dismissive. Tony calls to see Maria. They chat with ease and it's clear there's a closeness that wasn't there before. Peter's drunk. He bangs his head and falls over which scares Simon. Maria places Tony's hand on her stomach so he can feel the baby kick. Tony has another panic attack and leaves in a hurry.


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