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The wedding guests move onto the Rovers. Ena is disparaging when Minnie gets very drunk. Dennis advises Lucille to live in Ireland for a year to make the Hewitts happy. David forgets that he saved Irma a slice of wedding cake and it gets crushed in his pocket. Len returns from the hospital and tells Ken and David that Harry is dead. He goes alone to break the news to Concepta despite an offer from Ken. The Tanners settle into their villa in Lisbon with maid service provided by Maria Louisa. Elsie worries about Steve's inattentiveness on the plane but his mood improves once they land. Len goes into the Rovers at closing time. Concepta jokingly asks him if he's left Harry paralytic outside before realising from his manner that something has happened. He takes her through to the back to deliver the news. Annie insists on accompanying Concepta to identify the body. Concepta doesn't know how she's going to tell Lucille but turns down Jack's offer to carry out the task. Jack puts Harry's clothes in a suitcase. Elsie fancies going to the beach but Steve takes her to a bullfight. Dennis buys in a load of food. Len blames himself for having an old van. Ken points out that, as a mechanic, Harry knew the risks when he went underneath the vehicle. Lucille senses an atmosphere at the Rovers and thinks Harry is in the doghouse for being hung-over. She heads over to No.11 still unaware of the tragedy. Minnie sees her and tells her she's sorry before realising that Lucille doesn't know anything about the death. Lucille asks her what's happened to her dad.


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