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Back at the flat, Tony and Natasha kiss passionately but the mood is broken when Natasha mentions Carla. Bill tells Jason he can only afford to use him on a casual basis from now on. Jason's gutted and angry with Audrey. Liz's insecurities about Lloyd are heightened when she eventually gets a text from him and all it says is "missing ya". Tom's peeved to learn that Maria now owns 75% of Lad Rags. He tells her they don't need Tony's business advice any more but Maria disagrees. Natasha tries to quiz Tony about Carla and Liam but it's clear he doesn't want to discuss it. Peter rants to Tyrone about Michelle swanning off to Ireland - it's clear he's had a drink. Tyrone thinks Peter fancies her. Tara's gutted there's no review of her gallery in the Gazette. Dev tries to comfort her. Eileen meets Paula for a drink and invites her round for a meal. Umed tells Dev that Tara's taking him for a ride and he's wasting his money. Alone in his flat, Peter continues to drink heavily. Natasha's letting herself out of Tony's flat when he changes his mind. Pulling her back he closes the door.


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