Lloyd gets a call from an old mate inviting him for a few days in Ibiza. Steve begs Becky to let him take her for a Chinese so they can talk. Gail's making Joe a sandwich when David storms down the stairs with his bags packed. He tells Gail he's leaving. Gail's stunned. Jason's finished work on the gallery and Tara arranges to take him for a celebratory glass of champagne. Umed remains cynical about their relationship. Tony calls in the salon to discuss Lad Rags business with Maria. Natasha gives him a haircut and flirts with him until Tony points out he's still married. Steve waits for Becky in the Chinese. He's horrified when the waiter shows Liz and Lloyd to the next table. Becky arrives at the Chinese and Steve shows her the suitcases under the table which are all packed for their honeymoon. However the mood is spoilt when Becky and Liz starting rowing across the tables. Lloyd and Steve are quick to join in and whilst they're scrapping Becky walks out. David tells Gail she's obviously chosen Joe over him and leaves in a taxi to go and stay at Martin's in Liverpool. Joe tries to comfort Gail. Sian tells Ryan how brilliant his gig was and they snog under the stars. Becky turns up at the Rovers and tells Steve she wants to go on the honeymoon after all. Steve's delighted and they leave for the Maldives.


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