Steve gets Amy ready for the wedding. Liz hopes he's changed his mind and will let her attend but Steve's adamant he doesn't want her there. Hayley and Natasha put the finishing touches to Becky's wedding dress and make-up. Becky's nervous and starts on the champagne. Blanche gives Becky a bottle of cider by way of an apology. Umed helps himself to cigars in the corner shop which annoys Dev. Tara shows Dev her extravagant plans for the gallery. Dev suggests they need to cut back on expenditure which annoys Tara. Luke puts pressure on Maria and Tom to make a decision over his Lad Rags offer. Liz and Lloyd decide to put on a surprise wedding reception for Steve and Becky to say sorry. Becky hides in the builder's yard so that Steve won't see her dress. She finds Jason there and they reminisce about old times whilst sharing the cider. Steve waits for Becky at the register office wondering where she's got to. Roy finds Becky in the builder's yard and points out she's late for her wedding. Becky rips her dress in a panic. Gail finds Joe at his lock-up. She's shocked at the state of him and hugs him. Joe's overcome with emotion. Steve starts to panic that Becky's not going to turn up for the wedding.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Becky's wedding day nerves get the better of her and too much champagne threatens the whole event; Gail finds Joe living in his lock-up; and Dev tries to rein in Tara's expensive plans for the future.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,630,000 viewers (6th place).
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