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Eddie, Anna and Gary prepare for the court case. Gary's scared stiff he's going to be sent down. Anna tries to comfort him. David's still trying to get hold of Tina, worried she's not going to turn up in court and testify. Joe feels secretly guilty about the pressure he's put on his daughter. Steve offers to buy Becky a new engagement ring but she insists she's happy with Michelle's old one. Luke asks Julie to try and persuade the factory girls to do some overtime as they've got a big order from "Women of Wilmslow". Ken admits to Ted he has feelings for Martha but doesn't want to hurt Deirdre. Ted suggests he tells Martha he just wants to be friends and nothing more. Steve and Becky arrive back from the register office having booked their wedding for Friday, 13th March. Becky's worried that it's an unlucky date. Graeme helps Colin put up a window box for Rita's birthday present. Colin's impressed with Graeme's knowledge of gardening. Norris is furious when Graeme drops a bag of compost on him. Lloyd agrees to be Steve's best man. Gary and David goad each other at the courthouse. At the last minute Tina arrives, David's hugely relieved to see her whereas Gary's heart sinks and he considers doing a runner. Eddie talks him out of it and they all enter the court building.


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