Liz is cross with Becky for throwing Kelly out of the pub. Joe announces that he's accepted the kitchen job. Gail's relieved, not knowing that it's for Len. Sophie asks Kevin and Sally what they're giving up for Lent. Under pressure they agree to give up alcohol. Becky overhears Liz regaling Poppy and Betty with a list of Steve's previous fiancés. Liz tells Becky that she's the roughest of the lot. Becky's upset. Steve cheers Becky up when he slips her engagement ring back on her finger and it now fits. Colin shows Eileen a sketch of a window box he's having made for Rita. Becky tries to bond with Amy and makes her spaghetti hoops for lunch. Amy doesn't like them and tips them over. Liz is quietly smug. Joe tries to persuade Tina to change her mind and tell the truth in court. Tina's feeling the strain. Eileen spots Paula coming out of Julie's house and insists they go for a drink for old time's sake. Paula explains that the reason she suddenly disappeared when she was fifteen was because she was pregnant. Eileen's sympathetic. David's about to start fighting with Gary again but Tina stops him. Tina's furious and leaves David a note saying she's gone away for while. Michelle calls in the pub to see Amy. Becky shows off her engagement ring but is horrified when Michelle points out it used to be her ring and she chose it.


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