Carla dreads Tony's return. Sophie jokes with Sian about her crush on Ben. Len gloats about David's hospitalisation but Anna reprimands him. Carla sees Maria heading home but Rosie interrupts plans to approach her. Carla snaps demanding that Rosie get on with the job she's paid for. Gail and Tina bring David back from the hospital. Gail's comforted to know Tina witnessed everything. Tina remains uneasy about lying. Janice tells Wiki, Kelly and Sally that she wants to be a nurse. They laugh saying she'd make a terrible nurse. Janice maintains that she's changed. Carla visits Maria hoping to make amends. Anna asks Gary to tell her exactly what Tina saw. Ken and Martha's friendship blossoms as they share in their love of language. In the Rovers, Carla admits to Leanne she doesn't know who Tony is any more. Sally and Kelly add further insult to Janice's dreams of becoming a nurse. When Janice looks to Wiki for support, Wiki tells her to "just do it". Gary is embarrassed when Len mocks his crush on Tina. Tony discovers that Carla has been in a strange mood when he questions Rosie again. Rosie teases Sophie about her crush on Ben. Sally becomes overprotective but all concerns dissipate when she discovers Ben is a churchgoer. Believing that Gary is telling the truth, Len decides to have a "word" with Tina. Carla admits that she's seen Jed who has marks, as though strangled, around his neck. She demands that Tony tell her what happened.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Carla is disturbed by Maria's claims that Tony paid a hit-man to kill Liam and decides to confront her husband about the marks around Jed's neck; Tina feels guilty for lying to the police; and Janice wants to train as a nurse.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,460,000 viewers (1st place). This was the highest-rated episode of the year.
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