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Esther drops off Lucille at No.13 for the day. She admires the dress that Christine has for the rugby club dance but the lady herself is dissatisfied with it. She and May argue over her bolero jacket made to go with it and Christine storms out. May again has a bad head and sits down, feeling faint. Elsie worries sick over Dennis who has been down to the police station three times since Friday but still won’t tell her what’s wrong. May has to go to the market and leaves Lucille alone in the house. As soon as she has gone, the young girl starts to investigate the dress. Ena is convinced she's going to die and tells Martha she’s not welcome when she visits her in hospital. Elsie gets annoyed at “New Year” carollers but nevertheless hands them money. She frets that Dennis won’t return home. Christine comes home and finds Lucille wearing her dress. Furious, she forces it off her and finds that it’s marked. May manages to get it off and Esther borrows a silk stole from Ida for Christine to wear. Malcolm collects her. Dennis comes home and tells Elsie that the police suspect him of breaking and entering a shop and he has no alibi. Martha tells Minnie that she’s considering legal action against Ena. Harry mentions to a delighted Elsie in the Rovers that he saw Dennis at the dogs himself and he’s willing to tell the police. Ivan tells Dennis who is preparing to pack and run off from trouble. At night, the hospital staff find that Ena has discharged herself. Returning from the dance, Christine and Malcolm see her arrive back home in a taxi.


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