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Audrey finds out from Bill that Joe is working for him as a labourer. She tells Gail. Eddie continues to drum up darts players for the team. He charges them £30 each. Michelle goes to stay with her parents in Ireland for a few days. Gary invites himself into No.8 while David's out. Tina makes him a cup of tea. Dev's still furious with Tara about the car. Darryl suggests to Amber that she works some shifts at the kebab shop to pay for driving lessons. Julie warns Fiz that if she visits John in prison he'll expect her to be there waiting for him when he comes out. Steve begs Becky to give him another chance. Becky tells him to leave her alone as she's with Jason now. Kevin, Sally and Rosie celebrate the news that John's been sent down for two years. Gary and Len break into the builder's yard and steal the copper piping. Gail questions Joe about his labouring job and wants to know what's happened to his kitchen business. Joe goes ballistic and accuses her of interfering. Gail's taken aback. David's suspicious when he spots Gary and Len driving away from the builder's yard.


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