Joe moves his gear into No.8. Tina's not convinced it's a good idea. Gary flirts with Tina which winds David up. It's the day of John's court case. Fiz gets ready to go along and support him. Kirk and Julie are horrified that she wants anything to do with him. Becky assures Jason that she wants to be with him and she and Steve are history. Tony confronts Maria wanting to know if she feels better after her holiday. Michelle arranges with Liz to collect the rest of her belongings from the Rovers. Tara surprises Amber and gives her a car for her birthday. Dev's furious that Tara's undermined him meanwhile Amber's delighted. John's touched to see Fiz has turned up in support. John tells the Judge how he deeply regrets abducting Rosie and hurting Fiz. Bill and Joe unload a consignment of copper piping. Gary clocks what they're doing. Joe threatens Gary telling him to stay away from Tina. John is sentenced to two years imprisonment but told he only has to serve one year in custody. Fiz is sad as she watches him being taken away. Eddie tries to drum up support for the darts team. Michelle confronts Becky in the Street calling her a cheap, nasty tart. Gary tells Len about the stack of copper piping at the Builder's Yard.


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