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Michelle's shocked at Lloyd's revelation. Blanche backs up his story and tells Michelle about Becky's court case. Joe admits to Tina he's in a financial mess. Tina's worried about her dad. Steve tells Michelle about his affair with Becky. Michelle's disgusted and tells Steve that she's moving out straight away. Bill and Joe are playing darts when Eddie approaches them. He shows them all his darts trophies. Bill suggests they form a darts team. Pam arranges for Tyrone and Molly to honeymoon in Blackpool in her old neighbour's caravan. Molly isn't keen but Tyrone talks her into it. Steve turns up at the cafe with champagne intent on telling Becky that he's now a free agent. He's gutted to find her in bed with Jason. Pam and Jack wave Tyrone and Molly off on their honeymoon to Blackpool. Maria arrives back from Cyprus. Michelle and Ryan move in with her at No.7. Joe manipulates Gail into asking him to move into No.8 with her. Gail thinks it's a great idea and remains oblivious to Joe's financial crisis. Steve's at an all time low realising he's missed his opportunity with Becky. Ryan walks up to Steve and punches him in the face for the way he's treated Michelle.


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