Becky's deeply hurt and angry as she stands outside the café. Amber and Molly's joint 18th birthday party and hen do takes place in Dev's flat. Tyrone's stag do takes place in The Flying Horse. Graeme serves the buffet to the girls at the hen do. Hayley tries to comfort Becky but Becky's inconsolable as she explains how Steve lied to her and hadn't finished with Michelle at all. Becky calls in the Rovers to see Liz. She tells Liz she wants to pack her job in and breaks down in tears. Liz is quietly furious with Steve. Jackie gatecrashes Molly's hen do. She gets drunk, breaks a vase, forces Graeme to strip off and has to be wrestled out of the door by Pam. Molly's upset and swears she doesn't want Jackie anywhere near the wedding. Tyrone gets a call from Pam asking him to do a dodgy deal on her behalf with a guy called Dave in The Flying Horse. Against his better judgement Tyrone agrees. Michelle and Steve arrive back from a lovely night out. Becky storms past them in a fury. Steve goes after her and grabs her arm but Becky says move it or lose it. Dave tells Tyrone he'll meet him Monday lunchtime with the sunglasses. Tyrone's worried knowing he's getting married on Monday.


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