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Michelle's loved-up after a great night with Steve. Steve's guilt-ridden. Becky's hung-over and upset because Steve never showed up. Molly's upset that Diggory won't be able to make the wedding. She asks Pam to give her away instead. Dev asks Amber what she wants for her birthday. Tara tells Amber how she got a car for her 18th. Amber secretly hopes Dev will buy her a car too. Steve calls to see Becky and lies to her saying he's told Michelle that their relationship is over. Becky's delighted and they spend the afternoon in bed. Jackie turns up in the corner shop and begs Molly to let her stay and come to the wedding. Molly gives in. Pam's intent on raising the cash to buy Jack a new pigeon loft. Tyrone tells her the pigeons are safe and being looked after by a friend of Jack's. Joe gets a job labouring for Bill. He makes Bill promise that if anyone asks he's fitting kitchens for him. Gail remains oblivious of Joe's financial mess. Dev gives Amber a necklace for her birthday. Amber tries to mask her disappointment. Liz is cross with Steve for messing both Michelle and Becky about. She demands that he sorts it out. Steve tries again to tell Michelle that it's over between them but hasn't got the guts.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Steve cannot face telling Becky that Michelle remains unaware of their affair; Dev is uneasy about Tara's extravagant gift for Amber's 18th; Joe asks Bill for a labouring job, but wants the builder to tell people he is fitting kitchens; and Molly rethinks her attitude to Jackie and asks Pam to give her away.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 10,100,000 viewers (6th place).
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