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Jackie spins Tyrone and Molly a story about how one of her breast implants exploded when she was in a microlite and she's awaiting an operation. Tyrone agrees to let her stay. Molly tells Tyrone she does want to marry him. Tyrone's thrilled. Dev insists he's been nowhere near Tara's taps but she doesn't believe him. Tyrone and Molly head for the Rovers. Jackie insists on joining them. Peter's been secretly drinking whisky when Deirdre calls round to the flat with Simon. Peter manages to cover and puts on his "good dad" act for Deirdre. Gary calls round to No.8 and asks Tina out for a drink. She tells him that she's not interested. Joe intercepts and warns him to stay away from his family. Deirdre and Blanche are unimpressed to find Jackie in the pub. Amber and Darryl admit to Tara that they were responsible for the leaking tap. Amber explains how she just wanted to bring them back together. Leanne spends the evening with Peter and Simon. Leanne goes to kiss Peter but recoils because he reeks of booze. Leanne tells Peter he's got a drink problem. Jason invites Becky to join him for a drink. Fed up with waiting for Steve to make a move, Becky accepts. Jack, Molly, Tyrone, Jackie and Pam have tea together. Jackie and Pam snipe at each other over the table. Tara apologises to Dev and kisses him passionately. Jackie's in the back yard having a cigarette. Jack comes out and tells her that he doesn't believe her operation story. Jackie tells Jack she's a very sick woman and then collapses in the yard. Jack rushes inside to get help. Jackie rearranges her hair whilst he's not looking.


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