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Lloyd pulls away from Liz as Danielle approaches. Liz is hurt thinking he's embarrassed to be seen with her. Tony gets a call from his accountant to say he's sold another two flats. Tony's delighted. Danielle and Poppy continue to flirt with Lloyd. Liz is quietly jealous. Ken and Deirdre tell Peter they're proud of him for giving up the booze and Simon can move back in with him if he feels ready. Peter's thrilled. After the party, Liz invites Lloyd, Poppy and Danielle back to the Rovers for champagne. Steve thinks that Lloyd and Danielle are an item. Jack catches Pam and Darryl loading their chip oil into the yard. Pam explains they're making biodiesel. Jack tells her to get rid of it or Molly will go mad. Lloyd finds Liz in the smoking shelter. They admit their feelings for one another and kiss passionately. Liz leads Lloyd upstairs. Tony suggests to Carla that they spend New Year in Scotland as he wants to see in 2009 in style. Carla agrees. Molly cooks dinner for Jack and Tyrone. Afterwards Tyrone tries to kiss her but Molly pushes him away. Tyrone's disappointed. Liz surreptitiously lets Lloyd out of the Rovers' back door. They agree it was a one-off as it would be terrible if Steve found out.


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