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Tony persuades the police to let Maria go, explaining how she's lost her husband and baby. The police agree and Fiz, Audrey and Kirk are impressed at Tony's kindness. Maria's furious realising that he's made her look madder than ever. Poppy makes eyes at Lloyd. Liz is jealous. Dev and Tara meet in the Rovers and realise Amber's set them up. Tara explains that she's had to leave home and plans to move to Edinburgh in the New Year. Dev offers her the corner shop flat. Tara gratefully accepts. Tony suggests to Kirk that Maria should get away from Weatherfield for a while and offers to pay. Kirk refuses the money but agrees it would do his sister good. Molly gives Tyrone a model Aston Martin DB5 which he's always wanted and gives him a back massage to ease the pain from sleeping on the sofa. Kirk and Fiz persuade Maria to go and stay with her parents in Cyprus for a while. Carla wants to know what Tony's up to. Tony fobs her off by telling her that he just wants Maria out of the way so she'll stop hounding him with her silly lies. Liz tells Lloyd that she's organised for him to DJ at the Brazilian Crunch New Year Party. Lloyd's delighted. Emily and Norris spot Jed's cap hanging on the back of the door at No.3. They're immediately suspicious about his disappearance, knowing he never goes anywhere without his cap.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Fiz and Audrey struggle to calm a hysterical Maria when the police try to speak to the widow about the graffiti; and Molly and Tyrone's reconciliation is interrupted by Pam.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 8,030,000 viewers (14th place).
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