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Jed tells Emily and Norris that he's about to come into some money and should soon be out of their hair. Norris is pleased. Rosie chats up Gary and reminds him about her birthday party. Jed finds Tony alone in the factory. He threatens to go the police and tell them what he knows about Jimmy, Tony's hired killer. Tony loses his temper and strangles Jed with a negligee. He then bundles Jed's lifeless body into a big wicker basket. Joe paints on a smile for Gail but really he's worried sick. He admits to Kevin that he's been evicted from his flat and he's in a financial mess. Rosie cancels her birthday party as she wants to spend the evening alone with Gary. The factory's Christmas party takes place. Tony uses the wicker basket as a makeshift bar. Janice, Kelly, Julie, Sean, Fiz and Wiki dance around unaware that Jed's inside the basket. Tony's inwardly panicking. Colin gives Rita some perfume and asks her to have Christmas lunch with him. Rita's touched and accepts. Michelle arrives back from her gig with JD. JD makes it clear that he fancies her. Kevin and Sally arrive home and are furious to find Rosie drunk having spent the evening in bed with Gary. Emily recites "Twas the Night Before Christmas" in the Rovers. Tony's desperate to dispose of the evidence in the factory but Carla, oblivious to his inner turmoil, insists that they go home.


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