Simon watches as Peter has to be manhandled out of the school hall. Blanche is upset whilst Ken's furious with his son. Rosie talks to a journalist about selling her kidnap story to the Weatherfield Gazette. Angry Michelle tells Carla what she thinks of her for sleeping with Liam. Peter's drunk and angry at not being allowed to watch Simon in the play. He says he's taking Simon home but Ken quickly snatches his car keys from him. Michelle puts pressure on Steve to book them a holiday in the New Year. Jack lures Molly round for supper knowing that Tyrone will be there. Molly's annoyed while Jack does his best to talk her round. Peter's clearly drunk in the Rovers and Poppy refuses to serve him. Peter leaves in a foul mood and bangs on Ken's door demanding to take Simon home. Jed tells Tony that he's going to have a chat with Maria and compare notes with her. Tony's unnerved. Rita tells Norris that if he does have feelings for Mary then he needs to be straight with her and he mustn't let Jed wind him up. Peter causes a scene in the street demanding to see Simon. He brandishes Simon's teddy but Ken refuses to let him in. Leanne intervenes and guides distraught Peter away.


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