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Simon tells Peter that he's going to be the innkeeper in the school nativity play. Peter promises he'll turn up to watch. Carla wants to sack Rosie for showing Tony the video on her phone but Tony persuades her it's best to just ignore it. Jack arrives back from Blackpool. Tyrone tells him how Molly's dumped him. Mary calls at No.3 to drop off a Christmas card for Norris. Jed enlists her help to unravel the fairy lights. Norris arrives home and is put out to see them looking so cosy. Mary assures him that she's not attracted to Jed. Leanne's cross with Peter and tells him that he can stick his job. Peter apologises and eventually she agrees to stay on at the bookies. Rosie's squeezing a spot in the mirror when Carla takes a picture of her on her phone. Carla promises to make her life a misery. Michelle's annoyed when Poppy starts work in the Rovers and Liz informs her that she's given Poppy the job of assistant manager. Carla calls to clear the air with Maria. She tells Maria she only slept with Liam once when he and Maria had split up. Maria's hatred of Carla is evident. Ken, Deirdre and Blanche go to watch Simon's nativity play. Peter tries to get in but a teacher stops him and accuses him of being drunk. A row breaks out at the back of the hall as the Barlows watch in horror.


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