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The police question Tony about Liam's death. Tony denies any involvement and suggests that Maria's lost the plot. Leanne helps Peter decorate his Christmas tree with Simon. Anna's surprised that the salon isn't open later in the run up to Christmas. Natasha's given food for thought. Peter, Leanne and Simon snuggle up on the sofa while Leanne reads Simon a bedtime story. The police question Tony about Carla and Liam's affair suggesting that Liam was an odd choice of best man given the history. Tony's adamant he'd forgiven them. Liz introduces Poppy the new barmaid at the Rovers. Michelle feels slightly put out. Eddie decorates No.6 in garish Christmas lights. Some of the lights spill over onto No.8 and Gail isn't happy. Pam offers to take Darryl's old chip oil away for free. Darryl's bemused. With Simon in bed, Peter makes a drunken pass at Leanne. She's unimpressed and as she goes to leave, Peter falls into the Christmas tree. Carla wonders why Tony was so forgiving with Liam which seems quite out of character. Tony convinces her that he simply didn't want to lose her and assures Carla he had nothing to do with Liam's death. Carla believes him.


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