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Tony doesn't answer but it's clear to Maria that he's Liam's murderer. Tony tells Maria that Carla and Liam were having an affair for months. Steve persuades Eileen to step in and play Hia-Lowa, General Custard's sidekick and the children's entertainer agrees to go ahead with the party. Maria tries to escape from Tony but to her horror she discovers that he's locked the back door. Tony offers Maria a million pounds for her and her baby. Fiz calls at No.7 and Maria, seeing an opportunity to get away, rushes to let her in. As Tony leaves he takes Fiz to one side and tells her how he's concerned about Maria as she's got some crazy idea in her head that he murdered Liam. Fiz takes Tony's side and assures him nobody believes mad Maria. Amy's Christmas party takes place. Eileen and the entertainer do a great job and Steve can't help but enjoy himself. Becky takes Steve to one side and tells him to stop playing the bad boyfriend with Michelle as it's unfair on Amy. Maria tells the police that Tony was behind Liam's murder. Jed shows an article to Tyrone and Pam about chip oil and how it can be converted to power a diesel engine. Tony arrives home and tells Carla how everyone knows about her affair with Liam and Maria's lost her marbles and thinks that he killed Liam. Carla's shocked. Mary meets up with Norris for a drink. It's clear to Emily and Jed that she fancies Norris. The police call round to talk to Tony.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Tony stops short of confessing to Maria, but leaves the young widow in no doubt about his guilt; and Jed is amused by Mary's crush on Norris.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 10,340,000 viewers (4th place).
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