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Tyrone begs Molly not to leave but she's adamant it's over. Tyrone's devastated. Maria's obsessing over Liam and how she's sure Tony murdered him. Fiz is desperately worried about Maria's state of mind. Colin phones Eileen from the Rovers pretending he's stuck on a bus. Eileen sees straight through her dad and marches into the pub with his dinner on a plate. Tyrone pours his heart out to Kevin about what a fool he's been lying to Molly. Tyrone blames Pam for the mess he's in and wishes he'd never got involved with her. Pam's upset. Audrey and Fiz insist that Maria talks to Doctor Mogra. Maria's furious with her friends for thinking she's mad and going behind her back. Colin chats up Rita and pretends that he remembers her from her cabaret days. Doctor Mogra tries to talk to Maria but she insists that she's fine and tells him to leave. Steve decides the way to lose Michelle is to let his personal hygiene go. Tyrone sits at home alone and cries over Molly. Colin calls to see Eileen at No.11. Eventually she relents and lets him in. Tony and Carla arrive back from their honeymoon early. Tony listens to the messages left by Maria and realises that she's worked out the truth.


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