Molly confronts Tyrone about the gym and demands to know what's really going on. Tyrone continues to lie. Molly's hurt and suspicious. Anna tells Eddie to call in at Street Cars and ask for a job. Maria starts back at the salon. Audrey and Natasha do their best to keep Maria's mind off Liam and her conspiracy theory surrounding his death. Pam gives Tyrone a stack of T-shirts to sell from his holdall. Molly arrives home and spots one of the T-shirts. Tyrone lies by saying he's bought it to wear at the gym. Eileen gets a call from her dad who's moving into a retirement home. Maria's more convinced than ever that Liam was murdered. Eileen and Audrey try to dispel her thoughts saying it was just a terrible accident. Jed and Norris play snakes and ladders. Jed cheats and Norris gets fed up. Tyrone sells a T-shirt to Minnie. Eddie lies to Anna about Street Cars saying that the boss was out so he'll have to call in tomorrow. Molly spots Minnie wearing Tyrone's T-shirt and is convinced they're having an affair. Molly's upset as she tells Minnie to tell Tyrone she's going to spend the night at her dad's. Minnie's oblivious to Molly's heartbreak. Tyrone arrives home and Minnie passes on Molly's message. Tyrone is blissfully unaware that Molly's in bits thinking he's having an affair with Minnie.


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Notable dialogue

Tyrone Dobbs: "Have you got any more Pink Panther alarm clocks?"
Pam Hobsworth: "They weren't right"
Tyrone Dobbs: "Why, what was up with 'em?"
Pam Hobsworth: "They were blue!"

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