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A row breaks out on the street between the Windasses and the Platts. Gail finds out how David ripped their kitchen out and how they stole hers in return. Tyrone joins a posh gym in an attempt to cover his tracks. Anna tells Eddie and Gary that she doesn't want any trouble with the neighbours as she's fed up of being evicted. Maria finds out from Tyrone how Jason reckoned the driver of the car that killed Liam never swerved or braked but drove straight at him. Anna introduces herself to Gail and offers an olive branch. She convinces Gail they should start afresh and meet for drinks in the Rovers. Molly accompanies Tyrone to the gym. Tyrone pretends he's familiar with the place. Molly's furious when she finds out how much it costs. Janice moans to Leanne about Emily and how hard she's made her work at the hospital cafe. Emily congratulates Janice on her efforts. Leanne's amused. Maria tells Michelle how she's convinced that Liam was murdered but Michelle refuses to listen. Gail and Anna force Joe and Eddie to shake hands over a drink. However, David refuses to shake hands with Gary and storms out of the pub in disgust.


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