Steve purposely instigates a row with Michelle. She strops off to the wedding alone. Steve's secretly pleased his plan is starting to work. Tony and Carla's wedding takes place. Carla looks a million dollars and Tony's the happiest man alive as they exchange vows. Pat is Tony's best man and Leanne is Carla's bridesmaid. Kevin drunkenly tips guacamole down Carla's dress. Sally's embarrassed and Carla accuses them of having no class. Sally's furious and resolves to get her revenge. Steve and Becky are left alone in the Rovers. Blanche comes in and continues to demand free drinks. Steve and Becky flirt with each other. Graeme puts £5 on a three horse accumulator and wins £340.50 much to Peter's consternation. Ken and Deirdre are annoyed with Peter when he forgets to collect Simon from school. Mary calls to see Norris and gives him a pair of gold cufflinks she's won in a competition. Norris, Mary, Jed and Blanche all enjoy drinks in the Rovers. Sally finds Maria sitting alone crying over Liam. Drunk and bent on revenge, Sally tells Maria about Carla and Liam's affair and shows her the video on Rosie's phone. In a fury Maria goes in search of Carla but she's too late as the guests have just waved Tony and Carla off on their honeymoon. Michelle and Tom try to calm Maria down but she's hysterical. She sobs her heart out, her memories of Liam totally ruined.


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Notable dialogue

Blanche Hunt: "If we'd been invited to the wedding, we'd be having better than soup for our dinner."
Deirdre Barlow: "We don't even know them."
Blanche Hunt: "Yer what? Amy's father's living with Carla's ex-sister-in-law... We're practically family!"


Janice Battersby: "Women like me don't grow on trees yer know."
Sally Webster: "Just swing in 'em."


Carla Gordon: "Sally, I realise your family don't usually come to places that use metal cutlery but do us a favour will yer? If you lot can't behave at least half civilised there's a pub over the road with a pool table, maybe you'll feel more comfortable there, eh?"

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