The factory girls are pleased to have Carla back. She tells them the wedding is back on for next week and they're all invited. David calls in the butchers and tells Graeme that Gail wants him to move out. Graeme's downcast but cheers up when Ashley offers him a permanent job. Dev begs Tina to work part-time at the takeaway. Tina plays hard to get and demands £7 per hour. Dev has no choice but to agree. Carla looks over Tony's figures. She promises him they'll get through this rough patch together. Joe and David start rebuilding a kitchen for Gail. Joe promises she'll have her dream kitchen very soon. Hayley arrives back from her interview at the Youth Centre depressed. She explains to Roy how she can't work with children because of the incident with Wayne Hayes in 2001. Jason tries to worm his way back into Becky's affections with a goldfish remembering that she has always wanted one. Becky's unimpressed at first but then likes the goldfish and Steve, unable to contain his jealousy, is quick to argue with Jason. Becky's slightly bemused by his behaviour. Steve calls in the café and admits to Becky how yesterday meant everything to him and he's fallen in love with her. Becky's gobsmacked.


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