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Michelle asks Becky if she'll work behind the bar at her parents' party but Becky's evasive realising that it clashes with her court case. Graeme starts work at the butchers. Ashley shows him the ropes. Dev and Amber are at loggerheads, neither willing to apologise to the other. Kirk, Fiz and Chesney arrive back from South Africa. Steve's looking for an excuse to get out of the party but Michelle makes it clear that she expects him there. Hayley calls in the factory. The girls are delighted to see her except Julie - who's worried Hayley will want her job as supervisor job back. Hayley surprises everyone when she tells Tony that she doesn't want her job back and leaves in tears. Barry and Helen arrive for their wedding anniversary. Michelle's delighted to see them. Minnie asks Dev for some shifts in the takeaway now he's the owner. Dev agrees whilst Amber's unimpressed at her friend's cheek. Amber arranges to go and stay with her mum in Finland, just to annoy Dev. Fiz calls in the factory and asks Tony for her job back. Tony tells her that she can have Hayley's job as she doesn't want it any more. Hayley admits to Roy she had a crush on Olaf whilst she was away and now she realises how stupid she's been. Roy forgives her and they make up. Becky panics that Steve won't show up and testify for her in court.


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