David barges past Gary Windass and jumps in Joe's van. He shows Joe the money he managed to get out of them. Joe admonishes him for threatening the customers but he's impressed nonetheless. Prem finally relents and tells Dev that although he disapproves he is free to see Tara Mandal. Tony's delighted when Leanne tells him that she's sold one of the flats at full asking price. Tony tells the factory girls they'll get the rest of their wages on Monday. David shows off to Graeme telling him how he threatened the Windasses until they coughed up. Graeme warns David the Windasses are a seriously bad family. Darryl attempts to schmooze Dev and shows him the books from the takeaway. Dev secretly phones Jerry and asks him if he'd be interested in selling the business. Kelly's ready to go on holiday with Dan when he tells her that he's not funding her trip and he's going on his own. Kelly's furious and Dan tells her that he won't be coming back. Gary and Len Windass go looking for Joe and David bent on revenge. Peter shows Simon the bookies and invites Leanne to join them for dinner. Peter, Simon and Leanne enjoy fish and chips. While Peter's putting Simon to bed Leanne pours him a whisky and then sneaks out of the flat. Gail's delighted when Joe tells her that he's booked them a weekend in Cornwall. Unbeknownst to them they're being watched by Len and Gary.


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