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Peter shows the social worker in. Ken and Blanche are appalled at Peter's intentions. Julie, Janice, Sean and Wiki confront Tony about their missing wages. He assures them it's just a problem with the bank and it's being sorted out. Julie's sceptical. Ken, Blanche and Peter argue over Simon's future. Peter reckons Simon would be better off with two loving parents. Ken disagrees saying he needs his own family. Joe calls round to see Gail. They behave like a pair of teenagers as they nip upstairs whilst the coast is clear. Ken tells the social worker that if Peter isn't prepared to look after his son then he and Deirdre will do it instead. Blanche worries that he hasn't talked it through with Deirdre. Graeme turns up with David's new car - an Audi TT. Tina reckons it must be stolen and tells David there's no way he's driving it. David lets Graeme park it in the garage. The social worker interviews Simon. He tells her how his mummy died. David tells Gail that Graeme's come to stay for a bit. Peter's adamant that he's returning to Portsmouth and Ken can look after Simon. Peter receives a phone call which instantly cheers him up.


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