Peter's got a hangover and Ken's annoyed with him. Ken arranges for Simon to play football with Joshua. Sophie takes Rosie her breakfast in bed and gives her a necklace she's bought with her birthday money. She tells Rosie about the postcard which she sent. Ken tells Peter to pull his finger out and enroll Simon for school and find a childminder. Janice is nervous as she sets off for her court hearing. Sean tells Kelly and Wiki that Rosie's home safely after being abducted by John. The girls wonder if Fiz was in on it but Julie assures them that she wasn't. Tony calls to see Rosie. He makes her promise not to tell anyone about Carla and Liam's affair. He makes out he's just protecting Maria. Rosie tells Sally about Liam and Carla's affair and how she has a picture of them kissing on her computer at work. Peter phones the primary school and makes an appointment. A property magnate offers to buy four of Tony's flats if he'll drop the price by a further 10% but Tony refuses. Fiz agrees to go to the police station to answer some questions about John.


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