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Maria quizzes Tom about Liam's calls to Carla. Tom covers saying that Carla was just keeping tabs on the stag do. Tom lies by saying he made some of the calls. Rosie's regained consciousness. She picks up a towel rail and forms a plan. John and Fiz arrive back from Whitby. John gives a couple a lift in his taxi, intending to call in at his grandmother's house when he's dropped them off. Kirk excitedly shows Fiz some plane tickets to South Africa which Cilla has sent. Fiz realises that John's left his keys behind. She sets off to feed the cat herself. Norris is driving Rita mad with his fixation for competitions. Dan smirks at Steve and Becky and they wonder how much he knows. Maria gets a call to do with Lad Rags asking for Carla's phone number. Maria explains that Carla's nothing to do with Lad Rags but she can't help feeling slightly uneasy. John's driving his taxi when he gets a message from Eileen saying that Fiz has gone to feed the cat. John's panic-stricken and drives like a maniac. The elderly couple in the car are terrified. Fiz lets herself into John's grandmother's house. Rosie hears the door and assumes it's John. She waits behind the attic door brandishing the towel rail.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Fiz tries to help John by rushing off to his gran's house on what she thinks is a mission of mercy, unaware she is placing herself in danger; and Maria continues to fret over the number of calls to Carla registered on Liam's phone.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 10,440,000 viewers (3rd place).
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