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Deirdre's dreading her trip to Lourdes. Blanche winds her up by insinuating that Nancy's a lesbian and will want to share her bed. DC Hooch calls in the Rovers and makes it clear to Steve that he knows he's lying and that Becky won't be the only one facing charges. Rosie smashes the skylight window and shouts for help but to no avail. Kevin and Sally are distraught wondering what's happened to Rosie. They discuss the cash withdrawal and the postcards but nothing adds up. Becky explains to Steve how DC Hooch arrested her when she was fifteen and tried to force himself on her but she refused and reported him. Becky reckons he's paying her back for scuppering his chances of promotion. Ken, Blanche and Peter wave Deirdre off on her trip to Lourdes. Emily and Rita quiz Norris over the racy underwear and ask him if he's a transvestite. Norris explains he won it in a competition and how he's become a competition addict. Maria scrolls through Liam's mobile and is shocked to see how many calls he made to Carla. As Becky leaves the pub, DC Hooch drives past. Becky snogs Steve to give her story more credence. They're unaware that Dan has witnessed their kiss. Rosie knocks the wardrobe over and falls unconscious to the attic floor.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Rosie makes an ill-fated escape attempt; a concerned Emily asks Norris if he is a transsexual; and Maria switches on Liam's mobile phone and finds all the calls he made to Carla.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 9,360,000 viewers (9th place).
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