Peter apologises to Ken and Deirdre for being such a hopeless father to Simon. He promises that he'll make more of an effort. Sally's in tears as she and Kevin continue to fret over Rosie. Sophie offers to make some posters with Rosie's picture on them. The bag that Emily's taking to the charity shop splits and some racy underwear spills out. Emily's shocked. Carla leaves for LA. Tony's upset and angry as he watches her go. Dot and Eric return to Cyprus. Maria's left alone and cries into Liam's jacket. DC Hooch arrives in the café and Becky is arrested. This time he tells her that she's charged with assault. Becky furiously denies it as he drags her off. Tony meets up with Jimmy in a pub and tells him how Liam is still ruining his life even though he's now dead. Becky's furious knowing that DC Hooch has set her up, the assault is all a pack of lies and he's paying her back for something that happened years ago. Ken and Deirdre persuade Peter to stay with them for a while so they can help out with Simon. Peter's grateful. Sally and Kevin receive another postcard from Rosie telling them not to worry. Rosie drags the wardrobe across the attic. She climbs on top of it and tries to open the skylight window.


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